Haftar's militias kidnap civilian activist from Benghazi

Haftar's militias kidnap civilian activist from Benghazi

June 10, 2020 - 15:57
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Written By: SafaAlharathy

A source from the city of Benghazi has said that a militia affiliated to Khalifa Haftar kidnapped, on Tuesday, the civilian activist, Khaled al-Sakran from his home in the city.

The source explained that gunmen stormed al-Sakran's house yesterday morning and took him to an unknown destination, where his whereabouts are still unknown.

This was not the first time for al-Sakran to be detained by Haftar's militias, as he was arrested before at the beginning of this year. Although being released, he was kept under surveillance and was forbidden to leave Benghazi, without receiving any explanation from the authorities in the east.

Al-Sakran was among a group of activists from the eastern region who announced a peace initiative last January calling for the halting of war in Libya.

Meanwhile, former political advisor to Haftar, Mohamed Buisier, said that the kidnapping of al-Sakarn is a message to the United States ambassador to Libya, who encouraged those calling for peace from Cyrenaica to make their voices heard.

"Al-Sakran your excellency, is one of those who called for peace and political solutions and voiced his rejection of war, and he may lose his life for that," said Buisier.