Khalifa Haftar's son, Belgassim, who was recently assigned by the parallel government designated by the House of Representatives to serve as Executive Director of the Reconstruction Fund for Derna and the floods-ravaged areas, signed with the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Egyptian “Arab Contractors” Company, Ahmed Al-Assar, what the parallel government’s Information Office described as “major contracts in the field of reconstruction.”

The government's media office said that the agreements signed at the Derna Reconstruction Fund administration headquarters on Tuesday included contracts for the construction of new bridges at the western entrance to the city of Derna, which was swept away by floods following Storm Daniel, including a bridge at the top of Abu Mahboul valley and a bridge at the top of Marges valley on the sea road linking the cities of Sousse and Derna.

Belgassim Haftar stressed the need to start and complete the work as soon as possible in order to solve all the challenges that the city of Derna is suffering from, reiterating the need to maintain quality.