Khalifa Haftar's warplanes have carried out airstrikes on the Institute of Applied Engineering in Al-Zawiya city, causing only material damage as students and teachers are on weekend holiday, the media office of Volcano of Rage Operation said on Saturday.

This airstrike is the fifth by Haftar's warplanes on Al-Zawiya city - different targets and locations - in three days.

On Friday, many locals took to the streets in Al-Zawiya to condemn the airstrikes that left deaths and injuries in the city on Thursday.

Meanwhile, heavy clashes broke on Friday in Bu Issa area in western Al-Zawiya as pro-Haftar forces from Sabratha and Sorman tried to advance on the city. The clashes were halted quickly after the death of the commander of the attacking force Abdelraouf Al-Matir - a salafist madkhalist senior leader.

A source from Al-Zawiya said the city's forces advanced on Al-Matrid - between Al-Zawiya and Sorman - and took control of it without any resistance, adding that the forces were heading to Sorman city but were held off by the mediation of locals in neighboring towns and thus ended up signing a reconciliation and ceasefire truce.