The Head of the dialogue committee of the House of Representatives (HoR) Abdelsalam Nasiya told reporters that the HoR and the High Council of State (HCS) are pursuing in reorganizing the Presidential Council (PC) to become headed by one President and two deputies.

Nasiya added that the committees chosen to carry out the reorganization work have set up a timeline to meet with HOR and HCS electoral commission' members as per the agreement signed lately.

The agreement between the HCs and HoR says 40 members from each council will have to agree on a candidate for the PC from each of the three regions in Libya.

"The proposal we agreed on has no definite date for the inclusion of the Libyan Political Agreement in the constitutional declaration and the voting for the candidates picked by the commissions." Nasiya explained.

The HoR and HCS agreed to reshape the PC into a Head and two deputies and then elect a Prime Minister from outside the three members, while the PC's Head would be chosen from within the three members themselves - who would represent east, west and south Libya.

The HCS announced previously that the timeline of the reorganization work was put on hold till after Palermo Conference, which ended last Tuesday.

Meanwhile, some HCS see the reorganization of the PC's agreement as a political maneuver by the HoR to remain in power.