Heavy clashes broke out Saturday dawn in downtown Tripoli neighborhoods, leaving deaths and injuries as well as lots of material damage in public and private properties.

A source has told The Libya Observer that the reason of clashes was the fact that a force led by Haitham Al-Tajouri - Brigade 777 positioned in Tripoli center and isn't part of any security or military institution - opened fire on a convoy of a force under the Government of National Unity (GNU) in Al-Zawiya Street.

The source said forces under the GNU was preparing "cleansing" movement against those factions and this made them confused as they thought the GNU forces were coming to target them, thus opening fire on the GNU groups, which led to an expansion of the conflict to Al-Sreem, Bab Benghashir and Tariq Al-Sour.

Al-Tajouri forces lost most of their positions in Tripoli but they are still resisting awaiting reinforcements coming from the east of Tripoli: Misrata or west of it: Al-Zawiya or south of it: Osama Juweili's forces who have been threatening war for quite some time.

Meanwhile, the Health Ministry said seven civilians were killed and over 20 others were injured, adding that most of injuries were taken to Al-Zawiya Hospital where the clashes are concentrated; hence calling for safe corridors to transfer injuries due to difficult transportation in the area.