The spokesman for the High Council of State (HCS) Mohammed Abdel Nasser denied that the Head of the HCS Khalid Al-Mishri has traveled to Morocco to meet the Speaker of the House of Representatives (HoR) Aqila Saleh, saying on Twitter that Al-Mishri hasn't left Tripoli.

The statement of the spokesman of the HCS came after the news, attributed by local and international media outlets to parliamentary sources, that said Al-Mishri went to Morocco to meet with Saleh to discuss plans for Libya after the failure to hold elections on December 24.

The sources said on Saturday that Al-Mishri was invited by Morocco along with Saleh despite the latter vacating his post to his deputy due to his candidacy for presidential elections, adding that the supposed meeting was meant to tackle discussions for a new roadmap and to disentangle issues of disagreement that led to the failure to hold elections on time.

The sources indicated as well that the meeting was supposed to be confidential because Saleh isn't assuming his post as Speaker of the HoR due to presidential bid, in addition to the desire to strike consensus between the HCS and HoR to build on for later.