The Libyan High Council of State (HCS) denounced in a statement on Tuesday Egypt's Foreign Ministry recent statement about Libya, saying Cairo was trying to cast some confusion over the ongoing conflict in the country.

The HCS explained that Egypt's Foreign Ministry statement was a flagrant intervention in Libya's domestic affairs as it described the House of Representatives in Tobruk as "the only elected body in Libya."

The Egyptian statement said the Tobruk-based House of Representatives was the only legitimately elected body in Libya and the only entity to decide on a way out of the crisis, as well as to devise constitutional basis for elections.

The HCS rendered the statement as detached from reality and a violation of UN Security Council resolutions that say the HoR is at best one of three internationally recognized bodies.

The HCS accused Egypt of aiming to confuse the reality of the ongoing conflict in Libya, adding that the HoR in Tobruk is annulled by the constitutional division of the Supreme Court in Tripoli and constitutional declaration.

"Egypt should commit to the Security Council resolutions and stop its violations by providing some parties in Libya with weapons. The Government of National Accord should take measures to halt Egypt's blatant intervention in Libya's domestic affairs." The HCS said.