The Media Center of the High National Elections Commission (HNEC) hosted Saturday a seminar organized by the Libya Monitor Center for Dialogue and Peacebuilding under the title “Addressing the Political Stalemate to Hold General Elections,” as part of the activities of the Political Parties Forum.

The seminar was attended by the HNEC Chairman Emad Al-Sayeh, and a number of representatives of political parties, researchers, and activists interested in electoral and political affairs, according to a statement issued by the HNEC.

Al-Sayeh hailed the contributions of civil society organizations, political parties, and partners concerned with the electoral process in order to bring together viewpoints related to the future of Libya and the aspirations of Libyans for stability, development, and construction.

He stressed the role of parties in supporting the success of electoral processes because of the responsibility they assume, especially in the field of electoral awareness and monitoring, calling for more contributions to spreading electoral culture, democratic awareness, and the culture of peaceful transfer of power.

The activities included a dialogue on the possibility of implementing general electoral laws, during which an overview of electoral laws and the necessary procedures to sustain the peaceful transfer of power in Libya was presented. Meanwhile, a second dialogue reviewed the conditions for forming a unified government and the challenges facing the electoral process.