The High National Elections Commission (HNEC) denied the hacking of the voter registration system, describing it as false and completely baseless news.

The HNEC confirmed in a statement on Tuesday that there was no hacking or harm to the system, and that all of the HNEC's systems, including the voter registration one, have the highest levels of protection and security.

It also confirmed that the voter registration system was not subjected to any hacking, and that the news circulating about the hacking is intended to disrupt the electoral process and deprive voters of exercising their political rights, by spreading rumors and affecting the amount of trust enjoyed by the HNEC among the Libyan people.

The HNEC reassured voters of the security of the system and the quality of its protection, and called on media outlets not to engage in spreading this rumour, and to adhere to professionalism and credibility in publishing news. It urged the media to contribute to electoral awareness responsibilities, which would raise the level of electoral participation, as it is the only way to a peaceful democratic transformation and building a prosperous and stable state.