The Speaker of the House of Representatives (HoR), Aqila Saleh, discussed with the Chairman of the High National Elections Commission (HNEC), Emad Al-Sayeh, the latest developments in the electoral process, and the HNEC's preparations for holding municipal council elections.

This discussion came in a meeting Saturday in Qubbba during which Al-Sayeh briefed Saleh on the technical preparations made by the HNEC to open the voter register in the coming days, and the executive plans it had drawn up to ensure that these elections would be held with the highest standards of integrity.

Meanwhile, the HNEC announced that civil society organizations within the electoral administration offices launched awareness campaigns on Saturday targeting all segments of society in order to make them aware of the importance of linking their phone numbers to the national identity number in preparation for registration in the voter registry.

The organizations coordinated many activities, events, field tours, and meetings on local radio, during which representatives of the organizations provided information about the importance of linking the phone number to the national identity number in preparation for the registration process in the voter registry, and how to verify the linking process, in addition to information about the registration process and the distribution of seats in the targeted municipalities.

The efforts of these organizations aim to increase electoral awareness and encourage effective participation in the municipal council elections that will be held in 2024.