The High National Elections Commission (HNEC) announced the date for the start of implementation of the elections for the (first group) of municipal councils, with the new legal mandate expired and managed by administrative councils for the year 2024.

The Commission's decision set June 9 as the date for the start of the elections. The decision said that the General Administration of the Commission will develop approved plans for each stage of implementation, and take the necessary measures regarding equipping, staffing, and financial coverage of the offices of electoral administrations.

The first group targeted by the decision reached 60 municipalities, 12 of which were in the eastern region, 17 municipalities in the southern region, and 31 municipalities in the western region.

On Monday, the HNEC held a meeting with operations coordinators in preparation for opening the voter register for the municipal elections, where attendees discussed the readiness of the technical departments for the announcement of the opening of the voter register soon.