Storm Daniel

The Libyan Prime Minister-designate - appointed by the House of Representatives (HoR) - Osama Hammad has announced that there will be two-day holiday (Sunday and Monday) in eastern Libya for all sectors across the country, except security, health and emergency, as reports say Storm Daniel is headed to Libyan coast with strong winds and heavy rainfall.

Hammad called on all mayors across Libyan eastern cities to evacuate residents from areas where flooding would be expected to take place, urging security and health apparatuses to declare a state of emergency during the time of Storm Daniel.

The Arabia Weather center said Storm Daniel was moving toward Libya from the Mediterranean, saying the country could see heavy rainfall, flooding, and thunderstorms.

Footage from Libya, especially coastal cities like Tripoli and Misrata, showed heavy rain and strong winds sweeping through the cities and flooding main roads.

The Arabia Weather center also expected active wind speeds and sea waves' heights of more than 3 to 4 metres, threatening to submerge some coastal areas.

The storm, which has officially been named Daniel by the national meteorological services in southeast Europe, has lashed a number of countries, including Turkey, Bulgaria and Greece, with several months’ worth of rain, flooding homes, businesses and roads.