Giving in to Khalifa Haftar loyalists' pressure, the  Minister of Local Government in the House of Representatives' (HoR) designated government, Sami Al-Dawi, called on the Central Committee for Municipality Elections to postpone Derna municipality's elections until a further notice, justifying in a letter to the Head of the Central Committee the delay by saying that his Ministry noted the dispute in Derna regarding the election process.

Commenting on the HoR-designated government's postponement, Emaar list - which is rejected by Haftar's loyalists - confirmed its rejection of this decision, reiterating its support for the sub-committee for the election of the Derna municipality, calling for securing the electoral process and ensuring that it would take place on the specified date: September 16. 

This came two days after Haftar's loyalists had announced a 24-hour deadline for the candidates for the municipality elections to leave the city, pledging to displace hundreds of families within 20 days. Also, what is known as Awliya Al-Dam (Blood Owners) Brigades, arrived in Derna and burned campaign photos for Emaar election list. 

The members of the Brigade announced their objection to the Electoral Commission's acceptance of the nomination of Emaar’s list despite the fact that they had submitted appeals against it in earlier times. 

Eyewitnesses confirmed that the burning of the electoral campaign photos also took place in the presence of vehicles bearing the emblem of the 166 Battalion - Ajdabiya, which is directly affiliated with what is known as the “General Command” under Haftar and is tasked with securing Derna.

As the riots escalated, the city's Internal Security Apparatus arrested the Head of the Emaar list, Talal Al-Hanshir, and forced him to sign a pledge to withdraw from the electoral race. Al-Hanshir was then released.