Saraya Media Center, the media arm of the Benghazi Shura Council, said Saturday that many houses collapsed while people are inside when Dignity Operation airstrikes targeted Ganfouda neighborhood in western Benghazi.

The center added that search for survivors amid the rubble is underway, adding that the neighborhood was bombed 18 times causing a number of deaths and injuries among the people living in those houses.

Sources from the city added that most of the killed and injured persons were Libyans, while few were foreigners, who have been trapped in the city for long time under Khalifa Haftar militias’ siege.

The sources added that not all the people stuck in the rubble were rescued, which makes it difficult to give a final number for the deaths and injuries at this point.

Ganfouda has been besieged by Khalifa Haftar’s militias for so long that the militias disallow any entrance to it or departure from it, leaving people trapped at the mercy of constant airstrikes by Haftar’s warplanes backed by foreign fighter aircraft.