IOM: 6 immigrants killed, 24 injured in shooting at Libya detention center

IOM: 6 immigrants killed, 24 injured in shooting at Libya detention center

October 09, 2021 - 19:31
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

The UN International Organization for Migration (IOM) said six immigrants were killed and 24 others were injured at Ghout Al-Shaal in Tripoli after shooting following riot and escape attempts.

IOM condemned the "use of live bullets" against immigrants who were protesting dire detention conditions, saying over 3400 ones were detained, including women and children, in a crowded Ghout Al-Shaal center.

"Our teams transferred four injured immigrants to a private clinic and 11 others to a local public hospital. 1000 immigrants had been waiting for months to be repatriated." IOM said.

IOM said there are about 10.000 immigrants in detention centers in Libya, adding that Libyan authorities must stop using excessive force, end arbitrary detention and resume repatriation flights to allow the immigrants to leave.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Minister of Interior, Bashir Al-Ameen said a number of illegal immigrants had fled Ghout Al-Shaal detention center in Tripoli, telling Libyan News Agency that security patrols started combing the area to re-detain the immigrants (about 2000).

Al-Ameen said the Interior Ministry started preliminary investigation regarding the fleeing of the immigrants from Ghout Al-Shaal center, saying they had contacted the Attorney General’s Office and informed them about the incident.