The the Islamic Research and Studies Council (IRSC) of the Fatwa House commended Tuesday the operation of the Benghazi Defense Brigades (BDB) describing it as a relief for all Libyans as it aimed at returning IDPs to their homes in Benghazi.

"Such a step is an endeavor on the right path since it would eventually lead to stability, rebuilding of civilian and judicial institutions, and building freindly bridges with all countries worldwide." The IRSC reaffirmed in a statement Tuesday.

It underscored that with the advent and success of the BDB's operation, Libya can rebuild relations with the world based on respect for human rights and justice, especially in regards to the illegal immigration dilemma and terrorism.

"The BDB's operation freed Libyans' oils from the mercenaries and restored security at the oil crescent region." The IRSC's statement said, adding that the BDB forces managed to hinder the return of the rule of military to Libya and to block the attempts to establish an iron grip on people's lives.

It also indicated that the BDB forces are highly praised for putting the braking off of the siege on Ganfouda as a target so that the suffering of the civilians, who are being starved to death by Khalifa Haftar's forces, can come to a definite end.

"Revolutionaries from all across Libya - east, west, and south - should join the BDB's operation as it aims ending the injustice and criminality of the forces of Haftar, who besides ordering the killing of the innocent in Benghazi, let foreign mercenaries terrorize Benghazi and all eastern region's residents." The IRSC's statement stresses.

The IRSC added that the victory over injustice is on the horizon and is approaching piecemeal, pointing out that it hails the handover of the oil ports to the Petroleum Facilities Guard by the DBB forces.

Petroleum Facilities Guard (PFG) of UN-proposed Presidency Council took control of Ras Lanuf and Sidra oil ports from Benghazi Defense Brigades (BDB) on Tuesday.

Chief of PFG Brig. Idriss Saleh Abu Khamada announced the takeover in a brief statement from Ras Lanuf. He said his forces will stay far away from the political conflict and their mission is to protect the oil ports and fields in coordination with the National Oil Corporation.

Ras Lanuf and Sidra oil ports were retaken from Dignity Operation forces on Friday.

Hours later, BDB forces called state authorities to assume full responsibility over the ports before they continue their march to Benghazi.

The IRSC urged the BDB forces to pardon all those who choose to abandon the so-called Dignity Operation forces, calling on them not to take up revenge against any of them.