Israeli-Arab airline established to support Haftar's war on Tripoli, AlJazeera reports

Israeli-Arab airline established to support Haftar's war on Tripoli, AlJazeera reports

May 28, 2019 - 18:03
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

Al-Jazeera revealed in an investigation published on Monday that Khalifa Haftar's forces had used two Russian-made Ilyushin 76 aircraft registered to a joint Emirati-Kazakh company called Reem Travel made several trips between Egypt, Israel, and Jordan before landing at military bases controlled by Haftar's forces in early April.

The investigation says that flight transponders of the aircraft used for supporting Haftar's forces appear to have been turned off while flying into the country.

"Video published by Haftar's forces shows one of the cargo planes - with the registration number UP-I7645 - after landing at Haftar-controlled Tamanhant military base in southern Libya. It had taken off from Benghazi in the east, Haftar's stronghold." Al-Jazeera reports.

"Wooden crates stamped in black with "FF" followed by four digits and "gross weight 64kg" are seen being unloaded by a forklift at a landing strip in the Libyan desert. All crates had the city name Al Bayda marked on them." The report adds.

The report indicated that with the tracking of the number of the aircraft, they detected a suspicious course of the aircraft that circulates almost regularly between Jordan, Israel and Egypt prior to its appearance in Libya, as shown by the air navigation and surveillance technology ADS-B.

It also says that one of the aircraft appeared on April 13 at the UAE's Al-Khadim airbase in eastern Benghazi.

On April 12-19, another plane appeared at Al-Jufra base of Khalifa Haftar's forces and then on May 02, it appeared in Benina airport in Benghazi.

The report also revealed that two planes that were used by French intelligence were seeing doing surveillance in Libya, while an Egyptian cargo plane came to Libya on April 15.

Haftar, who has launched his war on Tripoli on April 04, has UAE, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and France's support and has been carrying out airstrikes on civilian and military locations in Tripoli, including the House of Representatives.