The Italian Defense Minister, Lorenzo Guerini, said Libya's ceasefire is fragile and threatened by foreign mercenaries and militias despite the developments achieved on the political level and the endorsement of the Government of National Unity that is now governing all of the country.

Italian news agency, Aki, said Guerini had told the Italian Senate and House of Representatives' Defense Commissions of the delicate situation in Libya after political achievements following the fragile ceasefire, adding that Italy would give more attention to the southern flank of NATO and take the initiative in any efforts aimed at stability in the region.

Meanwhile, The Telegraph reported the British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace as saying that the United Kingdom should confront Russia's Wagner Group after it showed ability to alter wars quickly, adding that Wallace's statements came after publishing satellite images of the mercenaries in Libya, thus pointing out that they represent part of the Kremlin's army.

The former Italian Interior Minister, Marco Minitti, warned of the failure of the Libyan Prime Minister Abdul-Hamid Dbeibah, which he said would lead to deciding the country into two power and influence zones: a Turkish and a Russian ones, adding that Europe couldn't allow this to happen as it would be a fatal blow to Italy and the entire European Union.