Zintan military council announced Wednesday the full control of the joint room on the Wershiffana district and the arrest of the most prominent criminals in there, most importantly Mohammed Al-Abdalli, who is nicknamed as "Al-Suborto."

Al-Suborto has been accused of many murders and kidnaps in Wershiffana over the last years.

A spokesman for the Zintan military council said the join room's forces took control of all checkpoints on the coastal road after the criminals had fled.

"There were no losses as the aim was not shedding blood in the district, but prevailing security and ending the crimes by destroying the criminals' hubs, which harmed Wershiffana population in the first place." He added.

Meanwhile, Zintan elders and others from the western region arrived in Aziziya area at the Brigade 04 that was controlled by Haftar's loyalists to meet Wershiffana elders and the room's forces to assure the residents that the operation will only end the presence of criminals, who have committing crimes and abductions on the road leading to Tripoli.

"There will be forces from western military zone under the Presidential Council's command on the coastal road and the road linking Tripoli and western mountain cities, let alone security patrols and end of armed groups' presence." A source from the joint room explained.

"We are still after the fugitives and are combing through the district. We have caught a notorious criminal Al-Suborto and the person named Al-Ghadi. Both have blood on their hands and have been infamous burglars." The source added.

Clashes in Wershiffana started a week ago and got more intense Wednesday morning when later on the war-like battle ended with the collapse of Wershiffana brigades as some of the leaders ran away and others were killed while a good number of them had been detained, not to mention that some of the criminals surrendered to the forces or to Fursan Janzour Brigade.