Jordan has denied any links with a firm the European Union listed as violating the arms embargo on Libya.

The spokesman for Jordan's Foreign Ministry Daifallah Al-Fayez said Med Wave company isn't Jordanian nor is it registered or based in Jordan.

Al-Fayez said the Jordanian authorities discovered that there is another firm using the offices alleged to be used by Med Wave in Amman, saying the firm using those offices is a limited company registered at the Commerce and Industry Ministry and are under confiscation by orders of Public Prosecutor's Office for evading payment of taxes, adding it has been closed since 2013.

"The company is owned by a Jordanian and an Arab who has filed bankruptcy for financial issues in his country and he is wanted for lawsuits in Jordan. He's not living in Jordan now." He added.

Al-Fayez said Jordan will send this information to the relevant authorities to end all accusations about the firm being based in the country, adding that Amman is committed to the UN arms embargo in Libya and has provided all needed details to the UN sanctions commission.

On Monday, the EU slapped sanctions on entities and individuals found guilty of crimes against humanity and UN arms embargo violations in Libya.