The commander of the Libyan Army's joint operations room and western military zone General Osama Juwaili said Libyan Army forces had taken measures to repel possible air raids on Tripoli by foreign parties backing up Khalifa Haftar's forces.

In a televised interview posted on Burkan Al-Ghadab (Volcano of Rage) Operation's Facebook page, Juwaili said they had received intelligence about airstrikes on Tripoli by "foreign parties" and said there will be unexpected consequences for their response to such attacks.

"After losing on the ground, they have planned for intensive airstrikes on Tripoli. We know their limits and that is why they will use foreign countries to carry out their plan." He added.

He indicated that foreign attacks on Tripoli would create complications, adding that regarding the French weapons found in Gharyan; the Presidential Council urged France to clarify but "the French said they were unusable arms and were meant to be destroyed."

He remarked that Libya is not a dumping ground for France and France's explanation is not convincing.

"Al-Jufra airbase is filled with mercenaries from Sudanese opposition groups and other foreign countries. Our warplanes hit the airbase last Friday leaving Haftar's forces in a new dilemma." Juwaili indicated.

He said Libyan Air Force would hit Bani Walid airport if it was used for military purposes.

Juwaili said Bani Walid airport has been used by Haftar's "gangs" for transporting ammunition, military fighters and mercenaries after they had lost Gharyan.

"After the Presidential Council issued a ban on the use of Bani Walid airport, several flights landed in there and we were about to target those aircraft but for the safety of the airport's staffers, we chose not to. Yet, if it is still used for military purposes by Haftar's forces, we will destroy the aircraft landing in it or taking off from it.