A joint force of Libyan southern brigades said it had arrested ten people near Libya-Algeria borders, adding that they were linked to the abduction of the foreign workers from the Turkish company Enka in Ubari gas power station.

Bawabat Al-Wasat news website reported a high-ranking military official as saying that Ghat and Ubari brigades, as well as brigade 456 infantry and border security busted Saturday four people involved in the kidnap, while six others were arrested on Sunday.

The military official also said that the joint force has been tracking the abductors since day one, but because they entered Algerian soil, it was difficult to chase after them, however they were pressured and ringed in a small area in the desert by the joint force.

"One hour of clashes, their armed vehicles were destroyed and their weapons and communication devices were seized. And then we arrested them. They are now under interrogation so we can be led to the whereabouts of the kidnapped engineers." He added.

The kidnappers' car in which they abducted the workers was found nearby Algeria's border, where the clashes happened - there was ammunition and weapons, but no kidnappers or kidnapped people.

Four engineers - 3 Turks and 1 South African working for Enka and a German company in Ubari gas power station were kidnapped ten days ago as they arrived in there coming from Tripoli to resume operating the plant, which is shut now due to the departure of the foreign workers.