The Libyan Foreign Minister, Najla Al-Mangoush, has taken part in the Chad peace talks in Doha at the invitation of Qatari Foreign Ministry and in coordination with the Chadian side.

Al-Mangoush said in her speech to the attendees that Libya-Chad relations are strong on all levels as they are border neighbors with one security and strategic depth, adding that instability in one country will definitely affect the other.

Al-Mangoush said instability in south Libya and north Chad helped the growth of human trafficking, smuggling of drugs and weapons as well as terrorism and mercenaries, adding that it's important for Chad’s situation that Libya holds free and fair elections with an elected government by the people to help secure the country and end those illegal activities in the region.

“Reconciliation in Chad is on the right track with the holding of a gathering for Chadian opposition and transitional military council under the auspices of Qatar with the aim of ending transitional periods and conflicts so that Chad can regain stability. Libya’s unity government is ready to help Chad materialize that aim.” Al-Mangoush said.

Al-Mangoush said Libya’s unity government will support the parties engaged in reconciliation and the results of the peace talks, including the action of returning Chadian fighters on Libyan soil to their country with no future use of Libyan territory as a base for destabilizing Chad.