The foundation committee of the Cyrenaica Society announced Tuesday the establishment of the society from Tripoli.

The Chairman of the Society Abdelhamid Al-Kizza told reporters in a presser that the commission is a political and social body calls for the building of a civilian state with equal rights and duties for all Libyans and aims at ending the conspiracies against the social fabric of the Libyan society.

Al-Kizza said that the society also believes in decentralization and the state of law and institutions.

"We are focused on the Libyan identity and on gathering all Libyans under the belief in justice, human rights and peaceful circulation of power, renouncing terrorism and clinging to moderate Islamic approach." Al-Kizza added.

He indicated that the society aims at building professional military and security institutions that are loyal to "Allah and the country" under a civilian authority.

"We are working on maintaining unity in Libya, especially in Cyrenaica, and to have a social dialogue that leads to comprehensive national reconciliation." He explained.

The Cyrenaica Society is made up of figures from eastern Libya, mainly those who oppose Khalifa Haftar's coup on legitimacy and war on Tripoli. It is working on being the representative of eastern Libyan tribes in the political process after Haftar is kicked out of the scene.