The Attorney General's office on Sunday said it is communicating with the United Nations mission in Libya and the Prosecutor's office of the International Criminal Court (ICC) over the crimes committed by the pro-Haftar militia known as the "Kaniyat".

In a statement, the Attorney General's office pointed out that its move comes in the framework of the joint cooperation with these international bodies related to the investigation of facts and to prosecute the leaders and fighters of the Kaniyat militia.

The statement indicated that orders have been given to arrest the commanders of this militia, including Muhammad Omar al-Kani and his brother Abdel Rahim, in addition to Muhammad al-Shaqaki, Salem Shniba, Hassan Jaballah, and Wasim al-Jarushi.

Victims of this militia will be asked to come forward and give testimony before the Public Prosecutor's Office, says the statement, stressing that investigations will be carried out in strict confidence to protect the witnesses and victims during all stages of the judicial process.

More than 11 mass graves were discovered in the city of Tarhuna and its vicinity since it was liberated from the Kaniyat militia a week ago. The victims included women and children, and some were buried alive, according to the forensic reports.