Libya won membership of the Board of Trustees of the second largest global youth organization affiliated with the United Nations, for the first time to reach this position since 1932, according to statement by the Government of National Unity (GNU).

The Libyan delegation participated in the conference, which was held Friday in the Qatari capital, Doha, was headed by the GNU Minister of Youth, Fathi Allah Al-Zani.

The GNU stated on its Facebook account that Libya's election to the Board of Trustees of the International Federation of Youth Hostel Associations is "A return to the Libyan youth diplomatic life by co-leading the International Federation of Youth Hostels."

The Libyan youth diplomacy of the Youth Hostels Association in Libya won the membership of the International Board of Trustees of Youth Hostels, For the first time since 1932, it added.

It also highlighted that "This international due achievement comes in light of the unprecedented renaissance for the development and rehabilitation of scores of Libyan youth hostel facilities within the Return of Life Plan to youth utilities."

Libya participated in the 54th International Conference of the International Federation of Youth Hostel Associations, held in Doha, Qatar. The London based association was founded in 1932, and includes 4,500 youth hostels around the world.