The Libyan embassy staffer in London, Ismail Kamoka, denied Wednesday the news reported by The Times newspaper which says he is linked to the bomber of Manchester Arena, Salman Abedi.

In a statement, Kamoka said that the information published by the Times and other UK newspapers is untrue, adding that the sources of that information is Libyan parties that are maliciously trying to eliminate their political opponents from the Libyan political process.

"I have contacted one of the most popular lawyers in Britain and he called The Times and other newspapers asking them to retract the false information in their articles and to extend an official apology to me." Kamoka explained, saying that the lawyer told that if they rejected to do so, the case will be taken to the courtroom.

He also said that he has no connection to Salman Abedi and the accusation is part of a systematic campaign by dubious parties to stain the reputation of certain figures, denying that Ramadhan Abedi; Salman's father had anything to do with Libyan Islamic Fighting Group.

"Such information is coming from Gaddafi's interior security apparatus. Ramadhan had no connections to any group." Kamoka added.

He also condemned the bombing of Manchester Arena by Abedi and called it unorthodox understanding of what Islam is, let alone the bad impact that it had caused to Muslims and especially Libyans living in Britain.

"British security proved that Abedi acted alone, and this is a viable piece of evidence that falsifies all the accusations published by the UK newspapers." Kamoka remarked.

Kamoka added that the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group ended a decade ago, but some Gaddafi-linked media outlets are trying to connect it to certain people after reading the British newspapers' articles.

"I even have no links to Al-Qaeda as some are accusing me." Kamoka said, adding that anything happens to him or his family will be the responsibility of those who fabricated the accusations and helped get it published in the UK.

The Times said last Saturday that Kamoka is a convicted terrorist and a senior leader at the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, which it said is linked to Manchester Arena bombing.