The House of Representatives (HoR) on Monday unanimously approved the law for the election of the country’s president and the National Assembly, official spokesman, Abdullah Bliheg has declared.

HoR Speaker Aqailah Saleh said during a session in Benghazi that “the law that was approved by the Joint Committee 6+6 in accordance with the constitutional amendment does not exclude anyone who meets the known conditions for candidacy, and every citizen has the right to run as a civilian or military candidate without excluding anyone, and whoever does not win the election can returns to his previous job."

He added that the election law took into account all considerations and the circumstances that the country is going through and achieved equality in the practice of political work, expressing his thanks to the 6+6 committee for accomplishing this work, considering it a basis for unifying power in the country and fulfilling the desire of the Libyans. 

The law approved by the House of Representatives today allows military personnel to run for elections without leaving the military service, while guaranteeing a return to their positions if they failed. The law also allows those holding senior positions as the Speaker of the House of Representatives to run for presidential elections and return to his position if he fails to win the elections, the first stage of which will be held before the National Assembly elections.