The House of Representatives (HoR) declared on Monday the municipality of Bent Bayah a disaster area and assigned the parliament’s Health Committee to follow up on the conditions of the injured persons from the fuel tank truck explosion at home and abroad.

The decision came during the HoR's session in Tobruk, headed by the First Deputy Speaker of, Fawzi Al-Nuwairi.

HoR spokesman Abdullah Blehiq said that the session opened with a minute of silence in memory of the victims of the fuel tank truck explosion disaster in the municipality of Bent Bayah.

The HoR also discussed the conditions of the injured persons who are receiving treatment in a number of countries, and those affected by the  explosion, in addition to the measures taken by the executive state institutions, and the causes of this explosion as well as ways to address it, the conditions of the people in the south in general, and the suffering they experience as a result of low living services.

The HoR decided to address the Public Prosecutor and the relevant bodies to send their reports to the HoR on the explosion. The session also called on the National Oil Corporation to speed up the completion the South Refinery project and spatial development projects.

This HoR session is the first in its headquarters in Tobruk since angry protesters stormed the it last month, tampered with its files and set fire to some parts of the building in a protest against the performance of the HoR and to demand the holding of parliamentary and presidential elections as soon as possible.