The House of Representatives (HoR) has transferred the affiliation of 10 executive bodies to the Libya Development and Reconstruction Fund, which is headed by Belgassim Khalifa Haftar in accordance with the text of Law No. (01) of 2024 issued on February 6.

The bodies whose affiliation was transferred to the Libya Development and Reconstruction Fund pursuant to Articles (10) and (12) and which will work under its supervision include the Reconstruction Fund for the city of Derna, the affected cities and towns, and all committees that were formed for the purpose of development and reconstruction.

They also include the Oil Crescent Development Authority, the Cities Development Authority, the Administrative Centers Development Authority, the Executive Authority for the Development of Oil Regions and Projects, the Public Projects Authority, the Reconstruction and Stability Committee, the Reconstruction and Stabilization Committee for the City of Al-Kufra, the Housing and Utilities Projects Implementation Agency, and the Roads and Bridges Authority. 

Article (12) of the decision allows the Presidency of the Council of Ministers to transfer to the Fund other agencies and committees, and Article (11) allows the Fund to expropriate property for the public benefit in exchange for fair compensation that does not violate the general rules for expropriation established by law.

The mission of the Libya Development and Reconstruction Fund, in accordance with the first article of the decision, will be to implement plans and projects for the reconstruction and development of Libyan cities, towns and districts, provided that it has a legal entity and independent financial liability and is headquartered in the city of Benghazi. It may also establish branches and offices in other cities.

The HoR previously assigned Belgassim Haftar to manage the Derna Reconstruction Fund, before forming the Libya Reconstruction Fund and assigning him as well as the Head despite his lack of any previous qualifications or experience.