The Libyan Minister of Interior Emad Al-Trabelsi, announced the end of the clashes that took place between government-affiliated apparatuses in Tripoli Sunday night, thanking the security forces for their role in the ceasefire, and adding according to footage posted on the media platform of government Hokoometna, that his ministry was working with the Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibah on a project to reorganize and restructure some security apparatuses.

Al-Trabelsi said that the overlapping of the specializations of the security and military agencies is the reason behind the clashes that occur from time to time. He added during his speech while inspecting security checkpoints in Tripoli at night, that "two groups exchanged fire in the areas of Jaraba and Ras Hassan, then the clashes were resolved with the efforts of security apparatuses. 

"We do not want to use force, but we are able to do so.. the dispute is between the security forces. We deliberately used the method of dialogue and discussion, and we reached an excellent result, and the clashes stopped... There were no major losses in public and private property, and there were light injuries among civilians in addition to an injury of a policeman." He said, blaming the issue on the widespread of weapons since 2011. 

Al-Trabelsi stressed that law enforcement will be the job of the Ministry of Interior, the Directorates of Security and Criminal Investigation, and the Rescue Police only, adding that other apparatuses should realize that their role is only subordinate to the Ministry of Interior.

Clashes between the Special Deterrence Force (SDF) and Brigade 444 took place late on Sunday inside Tripoli and in the suburbs of Salah Al-Deen and Ain Zara. Later on, an agreement was reached and both side withdrew their military vehicles. 

Sources said that the clashes erupted after security tension between the two sides, after the kidnapping of one of the senior commanders of Brigade 444 on Sunday morning near Tripoli port by a group affiliated with the SDF, following the Brigade's arrest of the leader in Al-Kani militia who is wanted by the Attorney General on charges related to murder and participation in mass grave crimes, noting that the militiaman recently worked with the SDF.