The Prime Minister of the Government of National Unity, Abdul Hamid Dbeibah, discussed with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi the actual start of procedures for the Chinese embassy to return to work from the capital, Tripoli, to follow up on Chinese interests in all fields, and to activate the agreements between the two countries: a number of 18 agreements. 

This discussion came during their meeting in Beijing on Wednesday, on the sidelines of Dbeibah's participation in the 10th session of the Arab-Chinese Forum, where the two parties discussed a number of political and economic files.

Wang Yi also hailed the state of stability in Libya in recent years, which encouraged the return of economic activity between the two countries, while Dbeibah expressed the necessity of restoring political and economic cooperation. He also agreed with Wang Yi to unify international political positions toward the Libyan file with the aim of reaching elections in accordance with fair and compatible laws.

The meeting touched on activating the agreements between the two countries, which amount to 18 agreements, coordinating to convene the Chinese-Libyan Higher Committee, and forming a joint committee to follow up on convening the committee and reviewing the agreements.

The meeting was attended by the Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs, Adel Jumua, acting Foreign Minister, Al-Taher Al-Baour, the Libyan representative to the League of Arab States, Abdulmuttalib Thabet, the Director of the Asia Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Nouri Al-Kaseh, the Chairman of the Libyan Investment Authority, Ali Mahmoud, and the Libyan Ambassador to China, Khalid Al-Sayeh, and the spokesman of the government, Mohammed Hammouda.