The Libyan Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibah has stressed in a meeting with the French special envoy to Libya Paul Soler his position regarding holding elections, saying he is committed to holding the vote “in accordance with fair laws.”

The meeting with Soler, accompanied by the French ambassador, Mustafa Mihraje, was held in Misrata on Wednesday, when the two sides discussed developments in the political situation in Libya and neighboring countries, as well as the latest in the election file. 

Dbeibah reiterated the necessity of holding elections as soon as possible in accordance with fair and impartial laws, his government's media platform Hakomitna said. 

The Libyan Prime Minister also informed the French envoy that he had welcomed what was stated in the recent briefing given by the UN envoy to Libya Abdoulaye Bathily at the Security Council regarding the developments in the situation in Libya, and his affirmation of the importance of ending the transitional periods in Libya. Whereas, Soler reiterated his country's support for the Government of National Unity and the steps it had been taking regarding holding elections at the soonest. 

The French envoy arrived in Tripoli on Tuesday and held meetings with the Head of the Presidential Council Mohammed Menfi s well as the Head of the High Council of State, Mohammed Takala, as well as UN envoy Bathily. The French envoy's discussions with his interlocutors in Tripoli focused on reviewing political developments, including elections and national reconciliation files, in addition to unifying the military institution.