Libyan Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibah announced Tuesday the dispatch of a plane to Benghazi loaded with 14 tons of medical supplies and 87 medical personnel to support areas affected by torrents and floods of Storm Daniel that ravaged the eastern region since Saturday. 

Dbeibah said the step had come within the framework of government efforts to provide the necessary support to those affected by this disaster, adding that his government would work to rebuild the areas affected by the floods, and provide everything necessary to return life to normal.

The government's Hakomitna media platform said the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior, Basheer Al-Ameen, said that the ministry started implementing instructions to provide the security directorates in the eastern region with all material and financial requirements, indicating that the ministry had dispatched security teams to assist in search and rescue operations and provide support to the people affected by Storm Daniel. 

The Assistant Director of the Military Medicine Apparatus, Ayman Al-Mazwaghi, said that the Apparatus had prepared a medical and humanitarian relief convoy, and sent a medical team to support and assist medical facilities in the eastern region, explaining that the medical teams consisted of doctors, nurses, technicians and pharmacists, and they would be deployed in hospitals and medical centers in the disaster areas.

The Director General of the Emergency Medicine and Support Center, Tariq Al-Hamshari, announced that the center had 75 medical and paramedical personnel present in field hospitals in the eastern region, adding that the medical teams were working to provide medical care to the people.

The Minister of Transportation, Mohammed Al-Shahoubi, said that the Transportation Projects Authority had been tasked with opening temporary road lanes for traffic and facilitating movement between cities and regions in eastern Libya. He stressed that this step aimed to facilitate the arrival of humanitarian aid to the affected areas.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Youth, Fathallah Al-Zeni, said that he had given instructions to prepare youth facilities to be used as shelters for the people affected by the floods in the eastern region. He added that the step came within the framework of government efforts to provide support. 

These government efforts come within the framework of its attempt to help those affected by the torrents and floods that struck the eastern region and led to serious disasters and massive losses of lives.