Prosecutor Hamza Saqr

Attorney General Sadiq Al-Sour has mourned Prosecutor Hamza Saqr, who was killed by his kidnappers. He offered his condolences to the deceased's family.

The statement, posted on the Attorney General's Office Facebook page on Sunday, said, "With hearts believing in God's will and destiny, we received the news of identifying the body of Prosecutor Hamza Saqr, who passed away due to a heinous hand that kidnapped and killed him following his defence of guaranteed rights."

Al-Sour affirmed the commitment of the Public Prosecution Office to ensure and protect the rights of the slain prosecutor. The statement did not provide details about the kidnapping or the circumstances of Saqr's death.

On Wednesday, the General Authority for Research and Identification of Missing Persons announced that Prosecutor Saqr's body was identified through DNA testing. His remains were among the victims found in the mass graves discovered in the city of Tarhuna in 2020.