The Libyan Revolutionaries Leadership Gathering has urged all Libyan authorities to work toward activating the role of the Libyan National Guard and providing the necessary support it would require.

In a statement Saturday, after a conference held in Al-Zawiya city, the Libyan Revolutionaries Leadership Gathering said the fighters had done their parts and it was time for them to be spared the marginalization by being integrated into the National Guard of the Government of National Accord.

The Libyan Revolutionaries Leadership Gathering added that it is now part of the National Guard, which will be the protection of security in Libya against foreign or local threats to the unity, civilian state and sovereignty of the country.

"We have thwarted attacks of the aggression and our fighters should be part of the solution not the problem to the building of the state as those fighters are a support to the Libyan Army that are defending the country and prevailing stability." The Libyan Revolutionaries Leadership Gathering explained.

It also said that their Gathering aims to support the National Guard to protect the constants of 17 February revolution, the Libyan Army and the security forces to stabilize Libya against local and foreign threats, in addition to securing state institutions, diplomatic missions and vital as well as strategic locations inside the country.

"Our missions include cracking down on military riots or coups and any terrorist attacks, let alone securing state institutions from extortion attempts." The Libyan Revolutionaries Leadership Gathering said, urging relevant authorities to support the activation of the National Guard which was formed as per the Libyan laws.