Libyan Fatwa House's Sharia Research and Studies Council hailed Operation Al-Aqsa Storm that was launched by the Palestinian resistance movement in the occupied territories, reaffirming support for the resistance forces and congratulating Sunday the Islamic nation on this "great victory achieved by the resistance groups in Gaza against the Israeli occupation."

The Council said that this victory was a favor from Allah bestowed on "mujahideen," adding that "perhaps Allah saw in them patience and steadfastness through which they deserved His help and support.” It also expressed astonishment at some media outlets from Muslim countries making equal the victim and the executioner, as they called on the Palestinians to stop resisting their enemy, and called for calm and self-control.

The statement added that this call was the same as issued by the occupying forces and their supporters from the West, ignoring what the occupation had been doing for eight decades, including massacres and demolition of Palestinian homes, and desecration of Al-Aqsa Mosque.

The statement said that it would have been more appropriate for those countries' statements to bear their legitimate responsibility and carry out what Allah had imposed on them of jihad, by defending the sanctities of Muslims, which were being violated in Palestine. It also mentioned that whoever was incapable of jihad with oneself, then jihad with money, which was demanded by the rich, merchants, and businessmen before anyone else, should not be spared.

The Council called on scholars, preachers, writers, bloggers, media figures, and all other personalities of public opinion to support the "mujahideen with their words", stressing the need to convey facts, and refute lies and suspicions with arguments and evidence.