Libyan-Turkish company begins roadworks on Tripoli-Tarhouna road

Libyan-Turkish company begins roadworks on Tripoli-Tarhouna road

December 28, 2022 - 20:19
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

Enfitah company, which is a Libyan-Turkish partnership, started carrying out maintenance on a destructed main road that stretches 82 km between Tripoli and Tarhouna.

Anadolu News Agency said that during the participation in the inauguration ceremony of the maintenance work, the Minister of Transportation, Mohammed Al-Shahoubi, indicated that they had inaugurated the road extending from the Salah Al-Deen area to Tarhouna, explaining that the road is a major route to Tripoli.

Regarding the company's involvement in the project, Al-Shahoubi said Libya is now in the stage of reconstruction, and during their visits to Turkey and meetings with Turkish businessmen, they had invited Turkish companies to participate in the reconstruction of Libya.

He reiterated that there are Turkish companies implementing the Tripoli International Airport project, Sabha airport, Sabha-Ubari road, the Umm Al-Aranib-Gatroun road, and a number of projects in Misrata and the western region.

Meanwhile, the project manager, Basri Çakmak, said they implemented this project in two tracks, saying it will be completed within 8 months," adding that they implement such projects in Turkey and their work in Libya will be good. He said that most of the engineers and workers on the project are from Turkey.

The mayor of the Qasr Benghashir, Mohammed Sakouh, described the project to Anadolu Agency as "very important, strategic and very civilized," calling on Turkish companies to participate in the reconstruction of Libya and the implementation of strategic projects.

Regarding the duration of the implementation of the road, the site manager, Sayed Al-Naas, said that it will take 8 months by the company under the auspices of the Transportation Projects Implementation Agency of the Ministry of Transportation.

On April 12, 2021, the Government of National Unity signed five agreements in various fields with Turkey in a ceremony attended by the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibah, who visited Turkey at the head of a delegation that included 14 ministers.