Mustafa Ahmed, Deputy Minister of Local Governance, discussed areas of cooperation in waste management and recycling with a team from the Libyan Company for Participatory Projects with the Private Sector and the Operations Management team of the Turkish Bayrak Group on Sunday.

The Deputy Minister expressed his anticipation for opening new avenues of cooperation with the Turkish side in waste management and recycling, particularly in exchanging expertise, experiences, and capacity building.

Ahmed emphasized that the ministry attaches great importance to this file and considers it among its top priorities, as it encompasses significant environmental and economic aspects.

The Turkish Bayrak Group team delivered a visual presentation introducing their organization and outlining its diverse operations, global presence across multiple countries, expertise, and state-of-the-art equipment utilized in waste management and recycling initiatives. They expressed their utmost readiness to collaborate with the ministry in crafting a comprehensive study on the waste sector.

The meeting concluded with plans for technical meetings and field visits to assess the current situation and identify opportunities for improvement in waste management sites.