The Libyan Fatwa House has called on revolutionary fighters to form a political body that protects February Revolution principles and work on achieving peace, democracy, justice and peaceful circulation of power.

The Fatwa House added in a statement on Tuesday that this call comes from the fact that there's no national entity that is working to protect the revolution's constants amid the numerous external interventions in Libya.

"The ongoing offensive against Tripoli and all previous attacks come as a result of the absence of such a national revolutionary entity and thus Libya slid into chaos and inability to secure elected and legitimate institutions." The Fatwa House added.

It explained that even the revolutionary fighters themselves cannot be protected without having an entity that gathers them all. Otherwise, after this war ends, there can be another war that can again take away fighters' lives and their military equipment.

"This has happened before when they ended battles in wins and gave the leadership to others to find themselves either split or jailed." The statement reads.

The Fatwa House said the military aspect of this entity should go under the command of the General Staff not a parallel military entity. It must be part of the state institutions.

"Working to achieve these goals is the real battle in order to build Libya and is essential for the future of the state." The Fatwa House concluded.