The Libyan Foreign Minister Mohammed Sayala said in a letter to the Security Council on Thursday that the new European Union Operation IRINI which aims to monitor arms embargo implementation in Libya ignored air borders and eastern Libyan land borders from which Khalifa Haftar's forces had been receiving arms and military support.

Sayala added that the EU's plan wasn't sufficient and wasn't approved in consultation with the Government of National Accord as per Security Council resolutions, saying his government has the right to defend the nation and citizens including through necessary alliances as per international laws.

"GNA has committed to all international resolutions and called more than once for the implementation of UN Security Council resolutions and for sanctioning the countries supporting the aggression on Tripoli." Sayala added.

Meanwhile, the House of Representatives (HoR) in Tripoli accused the EU of working to enable Khalifa Haftar in Libya by dubious ways, commenting on the new naval mission in the Mediterranean, Operation IRINI.

In a statement on Wednesday, the HoR said the mission's monitoring focus on the arms embargo in the sea only, disregarding land and air borders, which it said were main routes for Haftar's military backup, means it's undermining the legitimate Government of National Accord in the country.

On the phone, Sayala and EU ambassador to Libya talked about the IRINI mission, as Sayala said the mission's current plan makes it suspicious and says that it targets the GNA without the least monitoring operations of arms flow to Haftar's forces.

On Tuesday, the EU launched Operation IRINI in the Mediterranean to monitor the implementation of the arms embargo on Libya. Operation IRINI will have as its core task the implementation of the UN arms embargo through the use of aerial, satellite and maritime assets, according to the EU's statement.