The Prime Minister-designate by the House of Representatives, (HoR) Osama Hammad, accused Saturday the Government of National Unity (GNU), headed by Abdul Hamid Dbeibah, of “provoking security and social tensions” in the west of the country, warning of the consequences of igniting a security, political and social crisis "through the de facto authorities."

Hammad also accused the GNU of trying to impose its control over the country by force under the pretext of imposing security and fighting enemies, stressing the need for state institutions to secure the borders, considering that the inability of these institutions to do their jobs opened the way for armed groups to engage in unrest that has no use other than enriching their leaders and impoverishing the nation.

Hammad did not explain or specify the reasons that prompted him to issue the statement, but it is clear that he referred to the tension that recently occurred near the city of Zuwara, where the joint operations room for the defense of the western and southwestern regions that the government recently formed announced that it had assigned a security force to secure and protect the region, including Ras Ajdair border crossing.

This has caused tension in the region due to what the Supreme Council of Libyan Amazigh of Libya considered an approach from the Joint Operations Room to control Ras Ajdair crossing, as the Council warned against any military movements - especially what is happening near the city of Zuwara - saying this would drag the western region into unpredictable unrest. 

The Presidential Council, in its capacity as Chief Commander of the Libyan Army, issued an order to all military units not to carry out any action without obtaining a prior permission, regardless of the reasons and justifications.

"All commanders of military units must adhere to the instructions to return vehicles, weapons, and individuals to their camps. The Chief of General Staff and the Military Intelligence Department must report any military unit that violates these instructions in order to take legal measures against it.” The Presidential Council said.