The members of the Libyan House of Representatives (from Tripoli and Tobruk) will hold a deliberations session in Rabat, Morocco Sunday upon an invitation from the Moroccan Parliament in an attempt to help unite the Libyan Parliament.

The Speaker of Moroccan Parliament Al-Habib Al-Malki invited the members of the Libyan HoR with the aim of gathering all of them from both the Tripoli and Tobruk seats, as part of the efforts of Morocco to build bridges among Libyans.

"We hope the meeting will enable the HoR to work properly to facilitate the political process in Libya." The Moroccan Parliament's Speaker said.

The HoR member, Tripoli-based, Mohammed Haneish told Anadolu Agency that the invitation was sent to members not to the Presidency of the Parliament, adding that they will fly to participate in the session, which is slated for Sunday in Rabat in the presence of 100 members from both Tripoli and Tobruk seats.

HoR member Sarah Al-Suweih said the session aims to bring back to the HoR its role before holding elections, telling Libya Alahrar TV that the invitation was sent to all members, including the Presidency (Speakers in Tripoli and Tobruk).

She said that after the deliberations session ends in Morocco, the HoR aims to hold a full-quorum session inside Libya so that it can later lead work in constitution, elections and national reconciliation's efforts.