The Libyan Mufti, Al-Sadiq Al-Gharyani, has accused the commander of Dignity Operation, Khalifa Haftar, of being behind Tripoli's clashes.

"What is happening in Tripoli nowadays is a coup on the February revolution." The Libyan Mufti said on Tanasuh TV.

Speaking in his weekly program, Mufti Al-Gharyani denounced the silence of the official authorities in Tripoli toward the ongoing horrifying of the residents as well as the suspension of study due to the violent clashes.

"Haftar started off by holding the slogan of ending assassinations and securing Benghazi and then ended up banning food, medicines and water from entering Ganfouda." The Mufti indicated .
He also explained that the Skhirat-signed agreement is nothing but a coup on February revolution and a prologue for the era of military rule.

"All what resulted from the Skhirat-signed agreement - councils and institutions - are pro-Haftar arms and that is why we can see them following Haftar around while he is completely oblivious to them."

Since early Tuesday, clashes have erupted in west Tripoli areas of Gurji, Hay Al-Andalus, Dreibi, Hay Al-Islami, Gergaresh, and Ghout Shaal.

However, heavy fighting broke out near Rixos compound in Tripoli on Tuesday night between armed brigades loyal to UN-proposed Presidency Council and guards of the compound in Bab Bin Ghashir district where the GNC and Salvation Government are located.

Meanwhile, The Central Military Zone (CMZ) called on Wednesday for a ceasefire in Tripoli and said it is ready to intervene to protect civilians and their properties.