The Libyan Presidential Council (PC) has called on the countries and organizations participating in Berlin conference to take up their responsibilities against the repeated breaches of the ceasefire by Khalifa Haftar's forces.

In a statement on Monday, the PC said it would reconsider participating at any upcoming dialogues, blaming the sponsors of the ceasefire for the lack of commitment by the "aggressor".

"We have signed the ceasefire agreement in response to the efforts of those countries and in appreciation to their position despite knowing that the renegade aggressor can't keep a promise. Haftar's forces are still violating the ceasefire and targeting civilian areas such as Grad rocket attacks on Souq Al-Jumua, Arada, Mitiga Airport in line with a land attack on Abu Grein, Gadahiya, and Al-Wishka under a foreign warplanes' cover." The statement reads.

The ceasefire that was announced on January 12 had been violated by Haftar's forces more than once, especially by targeting Tripoli's Mitiga Airport and then attacking Abu Grein town leaving tens of deaths and injuries from both sides.