Ghadames mayor, Ibrahim Yacoup Dawi, has confirmed that the Tripoli Supreme Court cancelled the non-confidence verdict which was taken by the city's municipality against him in February 2016.

Dawi told The Libya Observer Sunday that he had appealed ta Gharyan Appeals Court and it ruled to annul the non-confidence vote of the municipal council, adding that after legal challenges, it reinforced the vote thus sending the case to the Tripoli Supreme Court which delivered the final verdict for his advantage.

"The vote was a conspiracy against me by some who eyed the mayor post. I filed a complaint at the Local Governing Ministry and it had annulled the non-confidence verdict too." He explained.

The Local Governing Ministry said the non-confidence verdict is abasing the law, including (Law 12) of 2010 regarding work relations, hence saying the municipality has no right to vote non-confidence against Dawi but could only accept his resignation or reject it.

Meanwhile, Gharyan Appeals Court ruled to accept the legal challenges in form and annulled the 1/2016 decision issued by Ghadames municipality. It also ruled to burden the subject of the legal challenges to pay the cost of the lawsuit.

On February 29, 2016, Ghadames municipal members voted non-confidence against Dawi after he had resigned, taking the seals and all the mayor's office belongings and appointing Abdelrazzaq Bashir Omar in his place.