The Brigade 444 of the Defence Ministry said Monday it has arrested a man it believes is involved in the killing and kidnapping of several victims that ended up in the mass graves in Tarhuna.

In a post on Facebook, the brigade disclosed that members of its forces arrested Fawzi Al-Jawadi, involved with the notorious Kaniyat militia (which is part of Khalif Haftar's forces) in cases of murder and kidnapping.

Mass graves suspected to hold hundreds of bodies began to unfold after the Kaniyat militia - also known as the 9th brigade of Haftar's forces- fled east following the collapse of Haftar's assault on the capital.

The suspect was arrested at his hideout south of the city, the force noted.

During the past months, the brigade announced the arrest of several suspects accused of killing, kidnapping, banditry, human trafficking, and fuel smuggling, according to the brigade.