A man has lost his life in Sabha after armed militiamen loyal to Khalifa Haftar opened fire on a protest in the city, a local source confirmed on Monday.

The residents marched to the security directorate to protest the poor security and service conditions before Haftar's militia intervened and began firing live ammunition on the crowd, the source explained.

A security source had revealed earlier that orders had been circulated to Haftar's forces in the southern region to prevent any demonstrations.

He said a force has also been deployed to Tobruk after demonstrators stormed the Parliament headquarters in the city.

Last Friday, demonstrations spread across Libya in the east and west to protest the deteriorating living conditions and the political deadlock.

The Health Ministry of the Government of National Unity (GNU) based in Tripoli reaffirmed that there were no fatalities or critical cases in the demonstrations that took place in areas under the GNU's control.