The Head of the Presidential Council, Mohammed Menfi, has said that the security and humanitarian effects of the conflict in Sudan are difficult as they exceeded its borders to neighboring countries, adding in a speech during the Cairo Conference of Sudan's neighboring countries, that since the first day of the outbreak of the war, Libya expressed its readiness to contribute effectively to stopping the war, and for "the brothers" to return to serious and constructive dialogue to agree on a future of stability and development.

"We stressed the need for the Sudanese parties to unite. we also reaffirmed our readiness to exert our utmost efforts through regional and international mechanisms in a way that is in the interest of the Libyan people and enhances security in Africa and the world, with cessation of all armed confrontations in the country within the framework of unified efforts accepted by all parties, thus leading to a cessation of fighting and the return of Sudanese institutions to play their role in providing services to the people." Menfi said. 

He considered that the real fear is not about what will befall the peoples of the region from the repercussions of the war, but rather it is the fear for Sudan and its territorial integrity, as the number of displaced people from Sudan has reached 3 million, including 700.000 in neighboring countries, and the lack of basic services as well as the interruption of communication among Sudanese cities which hinders movement of civilians and make them trapped in the conflict areas.

Menfi called for focusing the efforts of neighboring countries on unifying the initiatives related to Sudan in one track that deals with the causes of the crisis and its effects by forming a regional and international liaison committee that communicates with the owners of other initiatives to create international and regional consensus, and to mobilize efforts to contain the humanitarian effects of the ongoing war.