Head of UN-proposed Presidency Council, Fayaz Sirraj, installed Tuesday Osama Al-Jwaili, from Zintan, as Chief of the Western Military Zone and Mohammed Al-Haddad, from Misrata, as Chief of the Central Military Zone.

During the installation ceremony, both military officers were promoted to Major Generals.

The two men were officially appointed on June 04.

“The practical steps to build the Libyan National Army have just started.” said Sirraj in the ceremony.

He stated that the military institution should stay away from the political tension.

The Presidency Council’s move is expected to be rejected by the eastern Dignity Operation Command.

Osama Al-Jwaili is the top commander of Zintan Military Council, while Al-Haddad is a senior commander of Al-Halboos Brigade in Misrata, a.k.a. Infantry Brigade 301; both are at odds with Dignity Operation commander Khalifa Haftar.

 Fayaz Sirraj promotes Osama Al-Jwaili to Major General. PC Photo 

Fayaz Sirraj promotes Mohammed Al-Haddad to Major General​. PC Photo